No sound from TV in DTS


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Jan 29, 2008

I have connected my AVR to the speakers, TV and DVD by their respective cables. I have connected Optical cable between my DVD and AVR. Whenever I play a DTS DVD I find that the there is no sound from TV. This is not restricted to one DVD but all DVD,s. Is there is connection prob. But some of my pals tell me that too face the same scenario....No sound from TV speakers when playing DTS DVD... Only sound from Front/Rear speakers

Pl let me know if some of our forum members too face this.

Which DVD Player do you use?

If it happens to be a Philips there are good number of models that do not decode DTS and hence you will not hear any sound over the regular RCA outputs if you select a DTS Audio Track or if the DVD happens to be a DTS Audio Only DVD.

Please check the manual of your DVD player if it can decode DTS. Do not go by the DTS logo on the DVD player. This is no way means it can decode a DTS Digital Audio Track. It is just a logo mentioning format support via Digital Audio out. Check the Specifications page of your DVD Player user manual.

You will get sound through your AVR as pretty much all AVR's that I know of can decode DTS tracks via Optical or Coaxial.
Jayanth, I am little confused with this question. You say you are getting sound from your speakers connected to the AVR. What are you looking for from the TV?

If you are using an optical cable between the DVD Player and the AVR, and have set the inputs properly in the AVR, the sound will stop with the AVR and not be transferred to the TV.

As I said what exactly are you looking for?

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