Non electrical equipments in your home theatre setup to enhance viewing experience


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Jan 26, 2015
Dum Dum, Kolkata
Hi members, while many in the forum has setup running into several lakhs and is a dream for most others, a few others have a fairly modest setup fulfilling their needs. But whatever equipment one has does not fully describe the viewing/listening experience. There are many other factors which does not have any apparent connections to a home theatre but correlates to the experience. While we have numerous threads to cater to the electrical technicalities, let's put the non electrical staffs which are essential parts of our viewing experiences here(not something like room correction/cable management/speaker placement) but is not a part of the a/v chain. Like a furniture(recliners/sofas/armchair/easychair), curtails, carpets, windows/doors, lightings(I know it's electrical but it's not related to a/v components), soundproofing/noise reduction, snacks/drinks arrangement etc. Or any personalization which you have found to be enhancing your experience.
By exchanging ideas, we might found the missing link to enhance our viewing/listening experiences.
The most important and most intangible one is "peace of mind that my setup is great and I should stop playing with it and rather spend that time enjoying what I have created" :-|
Manual two seater recliner that i bought recenty, it made a HUGE difference. I didn't have the budget for recliner when i finished my HT room six months ago.
Is it a regular living room recliner or a HT recliner? If HT recliner can u share brand and model please?
Floor carpeting makes a good difference.
Also heavy curtains to partition off opening to next room if there are no doors.
I made a 6foot high rack of CDs and LPs in my listening room (previously there were stacked in side drawers and shelves ) - and this enhances my pleasure every time I play something.
Lastly , good Scotch and inner peace ;)
HRoom lighting..
1. Have heard of starry night optical fibre ceiling lights..
Any member who has installed it may comment.
2. Dimmable lights.
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