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Norge Concerto Gold with Monitor Audio Bronze B2

Wharfedale Speakers


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Jun 1, 2009
I had a MA BR2 + Denon AVR 1703 setup but the Denon went bust. I tried to get the receiver repaired locally in Hyderabad but it was turning out to be more expensive than I originally paid for it (in the UK). This got me looking around for a replacement amp - esp. since I was a bit unhappy with the power levels of the 1703 and was more keen on a stereo solution.

After a lot of searching around in Hyderabad, I ruled out most amps as I was not sure if they'd power the speakers well and/or (primarily) because they were too costly. I kept deferring the purchase waiting to travel to the UK next, which did not happen for a while.

Tired of waiting, I finally decided to look at the Norge Concerto Gold 1000 at a showroom in Hyderabad. It performed favourably against some other entry level amps available in the shop (Yamaha, Denon) and found it to be fairly competitive (I auditioned with B&W DM 302 bookshelves iirc). The bass was on the higher side (which I don't really like), and the soundstage was not as expressive although the difference was very minor. At high volumes (>60% on the volume knob) the sound started to get slightly muffled. Looked like value for money so I bought the Norge.

With my MA BR2s, the experience has been a bit better but again somewhat mixed. My living room is 11 x 35 ft and the MA + Norge combination is LOUD for this space - it difficult to go beyond 50% volume on the amp without the risk of damaging neighbour relations. Bass is not bad, although I do keep it down to min most times. The lack of a remote is painful but manageable. Soundstage is okay - some issues more related to speaker placement that I need to resolve by getting some stands. The problem with volume beyond 60% still exists - although I don't need to turn the volume that high. Overall experience: 80% happy with setup for the kind music I listen to - largely classic 70s/80s rock plus some pop. Acoustic and live recordings play amazingly well. IMO - money well spent and indefinitely postponed plans to get the Rotel that I've always wanted. My MA center the two rear speakers are gathering dust - some other day perhaps.