Nu-Force Mono Blocks Reference 9 V2


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Aug 6, 2006
Faridabad (suburb of Delhi)
I would like to know the opinion of fellow forum members on the Nu-Force amplifiers especially the Mono blocks. I heard the Integrated NuForce IA-7 V2
amplifier with the Magnepan 12 in comparison with a Rotel Power Amp 1070 and it completely ripped the Rotel. Now I am not making comparisons between the two but the difference in sound from the same speaker completely surprised me. The highs were excellent and the mid range was more open and fuller. But it was the bass which the Nu Force extracted from the MG 12s which made me a fan as Rotel is no pushover either.
I have heard the Mono Blocks are even better than the integrated. Would love to know the opinion of fellow forum members. The NuForce website states that the demo stock can be had at a 20% discount although I don't mind used either. I am currently using the Quad 11Ls which I plan to upgrade after a year.
I heard this exact combo - NuForce 9Se (dont know if its V I or II) with the Maggies. Generally, I am not a big fan of the Maggies so I may not be the right person to give any feedback but the newer ones sounded much better than the NuForce 8's which I had heard a long time back (so much for memory) but I remember them being very very cold sounding. The newer ones were a bit more involving (at least to me) however overall I didnt walk away feeling that this was such a great setup. However, if you are a huge fan of the Maggies, you should explore this combo further ;)

Well, they definitely brought the Maggies to life and since I like the sound of Planars/Electrostatics were a revelation to me. I heard the Integrated IA 7 amp with the Maggies and think the Mono Blocks would be even better. Would like to know more feedback from other members especially if they have heard it with the conventional cone speakers.
dear panditji
from another thread ,through kamal i came to understand that u also fell for the maggies.actually i was also taken up by the sound of the maggies through a demo at a2v delhi even though they were they were using "rotel receivers" on 2 channel mode which are really short on current.
actually i didnt have much time on my hands to try out other amplification.
but nuforce integrated / monoblocks must definitely be far better.
though i dont hve any experience of nuforce but most of the posts at the audio asylum "planar" section suggest high current for the maggies , so u might check the "current" specs of the integrated vs monoblocks.
if possible kindly keep me posted about the maggies, as i plan to own the mg12 oneday by replacing my deftech amplification is denon integrated pma2000ivr which also might fall short though its no slouch.
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