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Onkyo 508 : Makes silver gold but turns diamond to ruby

Wharfedale EVO4.4


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Jan 24, 2011
HI. i just unpacked 508 + hts-728 home theater system, connected the following,
1. pc- hdmi
2. asus hd2- hdmi
3.reliance hd-dvr- hdmi
4.lg dvd- hdmi....
5. asushd2, dvr both by stereo analogue
my impressions....
1. star movies hd, movies now hd was recognised as lpcm... output was good, i could recognise bass and individual channel sounds from surround speakers...
applying effect to these channels made output not good, volume decreases and quality gets drastically reduced...
the same i used stereo analogue input and checked.... wow.. neo dts, dolby heights, game mode was awsome.. could really get theater effect with full surround , though individuality of speakers was lost to some extent...
for stereo channels like sun music,the sound was good only when i adjusted not as all channel direct mode...
2.with asus, hdmi as raw i noticed good quality with dts and dolby (5.1) but not the best... when i set asus as lpcm wow superb sounds....

thus my conclusion is that onkyo does the best while upgrading 2.0 to 5.1/7.1 ( iam using dolby heights 2z), the effects are superb, while it nearly untouches 5.1 channels with low adjustment..

so, 508 does wonders for stereo, but unfortunately i got all my av as hdmi except ps2,

ofcourse i love true 5.1 , but find it uneasy because there is sudden increase in woofer and surrounds...i noticed it today when i watched narnia in star movies hd

planning to try night mode and audyssey setting later in this week.. will post full review soon...
my suggestion for economy/ budget home theater buyers who wants to connect only tv output to speakers.... just try lg ht924sf.... i got for 16000... its really worth...
onkyo is better and best but each mode the audio effects widens the so drastically, i find it hard to set and need to change according to file what i play to get the best...
in lg game mode was only best, i never had to change as other modes were horrible, but onkyo too many modes, need to change every time as everytime when i change i find the new was better...
i think it will take a month to know about various modes in onkyo.........


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Mar 7, 2011
Congratulations on your purchase. Actually tweaking the settings and speaker arrangements is a fun. Isn't it?