ONKYO AVR goes in to power protection mode! Any technicians in Bangalore ?


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Dec 7, 2007
Need some suggestions regarding my ONKYO AVR issue.
I got this AVR from USA so , using step down transformer to power up my AVR. It's almost 13 years old.

It was working fine till last week , suddenly my AVR goes into Power protection mode whenever i try to switch on AVR.
Actually AVR switches on (green LED with input source displayed in panel) , stays for 20 secs then goes back to Power protection mode (red LED light blinks).

Would it be possible that my step down transformer become faulty and it could cause the issue. How to check this?. because this unit also is too old.

I am from bangalore, Can u suggest any ONKYO service centers in bangalore ( any good local technicians also fine) since my AVR is too old.

I am just using this AVR for TV watching and have another AVR for dedicated HT room.

Talk to him. He repairs Onkyo AVRs in Bangalore
Thanks Arvind, Got my AVR repaired from Subhan with reasonable cost. My AVR is working fine now.
Seems like one of my speaker channel in the AVR had short circuit and the channel board need to be replaced.
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