ONKYO HT-S990 speakers for Onkyo TX-SR607?


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Nov 26, 2009

While I was searching high and low for speakers for my new amp, the Onkyo TX-SR607, the local Onkyo dealer offered to sell me just the speakers from the Onkyo HT-S990 THX HTIB.

Any thoughts and inputs would be greatly appreciated! Any other suggestions for ideal starting speakers for the TX-SR607? Please note that I am in Hyderabad.

Thank you very much!
Hi skumar!

Thank you for your interest in providing help.

The HT-S990 set without the receiver was offered to me for Rs.45K. That is about the amount I was going spend +/- Rs. 15K, depending on the value for money.

Forgot to answer the second part of the question, my listening preferences are for video games (50%), movies (20%), DTH TV (20%) and music (10%).

I will be connecting the following devices to the receiver, will greatly appreciate thoughts and input on the planned items:

Samsung LED TV 46" Series 7 (planned)

PC with HDMI out (Radeon HD 5850)
PS3 Slim (planned)
Nintendo Wii
I have heard a lot about the Wharfedales on this forum, I will definetly consider them. Any idea if they are available in Hyderabad?

Take a trip to Blre over a weekend, audition Wharfedale/Q-Acoustics/Mission/Energy etc. All these brands have 5.1 sets in/under your budget and will most likely be better sounding than the Onkyo set.

Try your luck and see if you could audition any of the above in Hyd. Check out the thread on Dealers in Hyd.

Its Friday today, so hopefully 2 days weekly off. Make it a point to go.

Call this number - (040) 23350099 at Vector's.

You can audition B&W, DALI, Wharfedale, NORGE, Denon 390Xp etc here itself. Last time I visited 3 weeks back and they have included ROTEL AMPs too.

They are very nice guys and will gladly help you.

Go slow with your purchases, take time and decide.

In Babukhan Mall, you can visit USK electronics(2nd floor) for KEF, POLK, FOCAL, DENON systems and speakers.

Do this and revert here with your likes and dislikes. then you can decide abt your budget;)

All the best with your auditions and do carry your own materials.
A trip to Bangalore is definitely an interesting proposition, should remove the price of the ticket from my budget :)

Is there a big difference between a 7.1 and a 5.1 system, in terms of immersion?

Also, if I go for a 5.1 or even a stereo set of speakers right now and buy additional speakers later, would I need to worry about uniformity of speakers or which speaker I place where in the 7.1 scheme?
There is not much content out there that does justice to a 7.1 setup, a well tuned 5.1 set will be money well spent than a not so good 7.1 one.

The unwritten rule is that you need to have the fronts+center 3.0 matched for timber and other properties, the surrounds and sub need not be closely matched with the fronts.
A round of thanks is in order:

S. P. Krishna and unleash_me: I don't think many would offer such direct advise, thanks for that!
Spirovious: Thanks for the rule of thumb about speakers versus electronics.
Skumar: For kick starting this thread, thanks!
Anooj: Thank for very much for the information on dealers in Hyderabad. It was quite useful and I was able to audition the Wharfedales yestersay.
I feel that I am getting closer to buying better speakers everytime I visit this thread. I have discovered two new speaker brands (model within budget in brackets) in my search yesterday:

- Definitive Tech (ProCinema 600)
- Paradigm (Cinema 90)

How would the above speakers compare to the Wharfedale Diamond 9s or 10s? I personally like the big size of the Wharfedales but it may not matter to the quality of sound :)
I have been able to narrow (this is bordering on a lie) my decision to the following set of speakers, thanks to the help of various members on this forum. The speakers I am trying to decide among are (not in any particular order):

  • Definitive Technology ProCinema 600
  • Definitive Technology ProCinema 800
  • Paradigm Cinema 90 CT
  • Paradigm Cinema 110 CT
  • Energy Take Classic 5.1
  • Wharfedale Diamond 9 Series with SW-150 subwoofer
  • Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series with 10.SX subwoofer
  • KEF KHT2005.3
  • Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1
  • Q Acoustics 2000 Cinema Pack
  • Mission MV-DS 5.1
  • Mordaunt-Short Alumni

I will be trying to find as many expert and user reviews of the above as well as price and availability information in Hyderabad / India. All of the above speakers are in the Rs.40,000 - Rs.75,000 price range. As I set out on my evaluation of the above set of speakers, please help me with any of the following:

1. Clear winners or losers in the above list
2. Price information in India
3. Any set of speakers that are comparable to the above in quality / price that are missing from the list

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