Onkyo-tx-sr 576


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Oct 5, 2009
I have purchased ONKYO TX-SR 576 AV receiver of European model as stock of asian model is not available . They differ in their power ratings as given hereunder.
1) North American model - 75 Watts minimum continuous power per channel at 8 Ohms loads. 2 channels driven at 20Hz to 20Khz
100 Watts minimum continuous power per channel at 6 Ohms loads . 2 channels driven at 1 kHz.
2) European model - 7Ch each at 130W at 6 Ohms , 1kHz, 1ch driven (IEC)
3) Asian and Oceanic Model - 7Ch each at 160W at 6 Ohms , 1kHz, 1ch driven (JEITA)
Can any body explain why the difference in the power for the same AV receiver and will the total output is the same in all and also what is JEITA and IEC in asian and european models.

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Please don't think they are giving better versions to India than US.
Basically, it's the same AVR everywhere.
Those are different standards(???) of measuring power ratings. All these companies
are known for giving exaggerated figures. (It's more for third world countries)

Please recall, FIAT has sold, same bloody model car, for 50 years to India.
Thanks for the information . Ratings may have been given on region wise and version wise since they call JETIA for asian models, IEC for european models and FTC for American models . Reasons for this terminology is not known.

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