onkyo tx-sr875 price and HT setup


Jul 22, 2008
new here . Wanted to know the price of onkyo tx-sr 875 in India. Am getting the price as 90k (on the net). Why is there such a difference btw prices in US(eg) and here ?

Also setting up a HT with the following -

a. Sony PS3 (for Blue ray playback)
b. Optoma dv10 projector (video o/p)
c. Onkyo tx-sr 875 ( AV receiver )
d. Speakers ( Not yet decided)(audio o/p)

Have already bought a.b. Will be buying c .

Which will be a good speaker for this setup . Mainly used for 70-30 (movies/music) with a budget of 1.5 (max) for the receiver and speakers.
Room is around 15x10.

I have an 875 powering the Wharfedale 9 series set up in 7.1 array. Two floor standers, two bookshelves, and two dipoles, one center. The sub is from HSU Research.

The 875 pumps out 140 watts into each channel which is more than enough for most speakers. You should decide the speakers after auditioning a couple of then, and making up your mind which sound you like.

Yes, the Onkyo does sell in India for 90K. You can get it for around 60K elsewhere, but you will have to make do without any service in India. Onkyo India does not touch equipment that you do not buy from them.

BTW, the 875 is also THX Ultra 2 certified.
hey Venkat,
thx for the reply . btw did u get ur speakers and receiver from india or imported them ?

The cost differential (30k) makes one go thru the import route.
I purchased the Wharfedale speakers in Chennai. The HSU, I purchased in Singapore and bought it in as personal baggage.

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