Opamp based pre-amplifier circut/project suggestions.


Jan 15, 2009

I plan to do a opamp based pre-amplifier project.
The reason is low volume from my soundcard/external DAC.

Currently my rig consists of
Speakers:: Wharfedale diamond 9.2
Amplifier:: Norge 2060 amplifier
Source:: Home PC using wireless soundcard/DAC theCreative x-fi xmod Wireless
Its got the Wolfson WM8728 DAC inside.
For more info
Creative X-Mod Wireless Dissected! | VR-Zone | Gadgets | PC Enthusiasts

Now the problem is the output level of the Creative x-mod is really low.
I need to push up the volume of the amplifier to more than 50% to get decent volume.When I use my philips DVD player as a source I get good volume dont need to turn the dial more than 8-9 'o' clock.

So I plan to make a simple Opamp based pre-amplifier.
For the circuits I plan to refer to various Head phone amplifier circuits.
The opamps after some research could be

maybe some burr-browns later....

In the mean I would like to add some aggression to my current setup an also open the sound up a little.
Its great for dire straits,eagles, pink floyd
but not great for RHCP , metallice and other hard music...

Any circuit suggestion??
hi Cranky thanx for the excellent suggestions.
The main reason I wanted to build this was to protect my Amplifier.
Higher volume may mean more heat(Not sure of this because at higher volumes more current would be running through the load rather than the transistor) .

Ok since the volume issue is solved the only thing remaining is the equalization issue.
Since now I dont need the preamp, I would be using my PC for equalizing.
Only thing I worried about is sound clipping on boosting certain frequencies.
Yeah sure I can also cut down the other but that cold reduce the volume drastically.

What do you think should be the maximum Gain that I an set in s/w equalizer?

What I really want is a forward sounding system with little more slam.More dynamic range.
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