peerless tweeters


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Apr 15, 2008
Can anyone help me locate a pair of Peerless (India) T25SN-06 tweeters. I want to keep these as spares for the DIY speakers I have made.

These are 6 ohm soft domes that I think were made for the export market some time back, and do not appear on the Peerless (India) website anymore. I have contacted Peerless, but................

Will check with Corrson, Bangalore but dont think they stock this item.

Many thanks in advance.

First of welcome to the forum :)! hope you have a wonderful time !

Now coming to your query, what type of DIY tower have you have made ?? also Am assuming that you are from bangalore since you mention that you'll check with corrson ! correct me if Am wrong !

The corrson does not have anything to do with the indian peerless ! so no use in wasting your time contacting them ! Again Am guessing that you already checked the place from where you bought the current pair from !

For peerless india there's only two places where you can get, One is DEV Electronics Mumbai and the other is Torvin Chennai ! so please check with either of them and see if you can get it !

Hope this helps !!

Thanks for the info Soundsgreat.

Speakers are sealed MTM's with 6 1/2" peerless mid/bass. The crossovers are a 3rd order on the lows + zoble, and a 2nd order on the highs. Basic design using speakerworkshop, and after that a lot of tuning by ear. Inductors are madisound. Caps are a combination of clarity MK and obbiligato gold for the highs. The obbiligato, honestly blows away any other cap I have tried so far in terms of value for money. And since the MTM's dont go down very low, I have two 15" subs with 4th order passive's driven by an independant amp. So in a way I have a bi-amp system..............

I had tried Torvin earlier but got no reply. And yes in Bangalore.
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