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Please Advise : Home Theatre 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos Configuration at Hyderabad

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Aug 21, 2013
hi all - planning to go for a 7.1.2 set up based on the room size of 11.7 feet X 23.45 feet....have attended the Whathifi show in Hyderabad as well as auditioned some of the set ups at multiple vendors in Hyderabad. Didnt like the Polk, Jamo, Klipsch setups - may be the room / configs were bad. Liked Kef R7, B&W 603, Focal Chorus 716 set ups. Yet to audition QAcoustics Concept 40 set up.

Have been getting multiple quotes and set ups and am super confused !
Need the help of this esteemed forum members to finalize and help me set up my very first Home Theatre please.

Room : Dedicated Home Theatre room with dimensions of 11.7 feet X 23.45 feet
Construction Stage : Still at false ceiling stage - acoustics not done.
Content to be watched : (max 2 hrs per day) mostly movies - streamed or downloaded content.
Budget : Am willing to extend beyond my earlier 5 lacs : would go upto 7 lacs

Here's what I have short listed so far....
AVR : Marantz SR 6013 (getting this for Rs. 90000 with warranty + bill : but will be shipped by a Pune based vendor - Sparkal Systems - How safe & secured is that?

Projector : Benq W1700 or Benq TK800M or Epson TW9400 or Sony VPL45ES
(am more of a videophile - love deep blacks)
Which one would u recommend? - would not be changing the projector at least for 5 years+

Acoustics : should I get the acoustics done? Will there be a significant difference? There is an ongoing construction next door and am afraid that the soft material of acoustics treatment will have lot of dust stuck to it.

Speaker Set Ups

Option 1 :
7.1 set up : B&W 603 ( pair), B&W 607 (pair),B&W htm 6 (single), B&W asw-610 (single),B&W ccm 362 (pair)

Option 2 : 7.2.2 set up : Kef R7, R2C, T301, Q160, SVS PB1000 (Subwoofer)

Option 3 : 7.1.2 set up : Focal Chorus 716, CC700V, SR 700V, Focal Sub 300P, Focal ICW5

Option 4 : 7.1.2 set up : QAcoustics Concept 40, Concept Centre, Concept 20, QI 65 C, 2070i (Sub)

Would need a more punchy audio set-up as I am more into movies.

Unfortunately none of the vendors are able to provide the exact set up for demo - so dont know how any of this will sound.
Also, I see loads of varied prices on Ooberpad, Avstore.in, Indiamart, Amazon.

So, how much discounts can I usually seek from the local vendors when I am negotiating on the prices?
Will be traveling to US, Singapore next month - which of this stuff would you recommend that I get from there?
Is the warranty vs price difference + customs worth it?

Please guide me on this journey folks...
It has always been my dream to own up a Home Theatre and I dont want to mess it up in the first instance...

Thank you !




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Nov 13, 2008
Congratulations on your decision and hope you have many fun says ahead, even before you watch or hear anything :)

A dimension of 1:2 could be problematic, but also give the height and then check the room mode calculator at amroc website.

Of the list of items, would highly recommend getting a projector from the US. GO to projector central for comparisons.

With the room dimension, it would make sense to have a x.y.4 rather than .2 as you would get great effects.

Same with sub, will be better to plan with 2 or ideally 4 subs.

Speakers you can go lower and save money as in most movies the front left and right are not well utilized.

With a long room, you would also need to plan multiple rows or perhaps a riser.

There are lots of threads, so do research and check what makes sense to you.


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Feb 1, 2019
Your AVR and Projector choices are very good.
I recommend a 5.4.2 setup. Four overhead speakers will give you a better immersive experience than the extra surrounds. Atmos is a game changer.

I am a big fan of Anthony Gallo Stradas, so I will recommend those speakers. Very dynamic and highly resolving. Their CDT tweeter has a very large dispersion pattern which results in a huge soundstage.

Since the room is under construction, you should be able to incorporate some rockwool panels. See if you could use the corners or ceiling to add these.
Two subwoofers should suffice in your room.
All the best