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Mar 10, 2008
Hi All,

I am a passive member of this forum...and a novice in the field of AV...

I dont know the difference between a audiophile product and a normal product...becoz i never got a chance to hear any of those....:confused:

The reason I am posintg today is...I m pLanning for a Home theatre....

My budget is around 50000/-

Planning for 2 FS/ bookshelf with AVR...and then would gradually add to it....

My room size is approx..200 sq ft...
it will be used for 50 % music and 50 % movies....
music taste...I listen to anything from classical to Pop to soft rock.....

so please give me some suggestions regarding the setup (Sepaker and AVR combo) I should audition....

But first and foremost I need advice regarding Speaker cables.....
I am renovating my living I need to be done with the wiring....

so please suggest me ...about the brand of speaker affordable one though...:) ( Hope i get some brand in my budget
I would need 50 M of wires....and I am planning to spend...atmost 10% of my budget...

so please guide me.....

1. speaker cables.
2. speakers ( FS or bookshelf)
3. AVR

Thanking you all....:)



For the budget you've allocated. some of the options are,

1) Wharfedale diamond 8.4 with yamaha 661(very very decent seems like tailor made)
2) KeF IQ3 with Denon 1508 or 1708
3 Mission M34i with yamaha or denon AVR.

As with cables try Supra they are good and Bandridge is also very and more economical compare to any other brand including the before mentioned Supra.
By all means the Bandridge is the safest bet(with your allocated budget) !! but do scout around and check out the deals on Supra and others.

Hey Supra is good but not cheap!!! If u require 50 m then look elsewhere as it will eat up a lot of the budget. If i am not wrong the classic supra speaker wire 16 gauge is Rs 400/ + tax per meter in mumbai.
Am not into the HT experience so cant really guide u on cables but i guess 16 gauge is the minimum u should opt for.

Yes Dinyaar you are 100% right its very expensive and I've made it clear in my post aswell !! I wanted him to use it for at-least fronts if not for entire set-up so that it sounds good in music mode.also I've clearly mentioned that Bandridge is THE choice for him as typical 16gauge of Bandridge costs around 60+ and should be ok.

YA he should use decent cable for the fronts and economise on the rest. I personally feel Supra makes good cables. Have tried some of the ICS, speaker cab les and power cords and i feel they are good. Wonder why its not as popular as the likes of chord,VDH and the likes.
Yes its very good,I don't know about international but in India the cable is not popular coz of the attitude of the importer and distributor (already changed two hands),when you contact them for some requirement they care a damn to respond or to do business,Even for dealers enquires they don't respond properly !! So obviously no dealer wants to carry them and sell them ( they are not in any obligation to do so !!)

Thats the reason why its not popular in india atleast.

Thanks friends for your quick replies....

How are DAC per the information available on this site....
100M - OFC Dual Speaker Cable- 16 guage-- is for 4600/-
so 50M is within my range....sumthing around 2500/-

if someone is using DAC cables then let me know please....

btw...where I can get SUPRA and Bandridge cables...

and do I need a separate Sub woofer cable ??
Fact Vs. Faith - unfortunately, its the later who always wins.

All the best with your cable hunting!

The DAC which you have enquired is one of the better cables actually ( sorry didn't cross my mind at all) its manufactured by an taiwan company called MASTER HILL Co. they are only select few companies which manufactures copper by a process called PC (pure copper) OCC ( Ohno's continues cast copper) this method is patented and developed by professor Atsumi Ohno from chiba institute of is said that the copper manufactured under this process is more pure and more conductive ! when the copper produced through this process, the cross-section when magnified under electron microscope shows the purity and less break-up compared to regular oxygen free copper.

The Facts of this and the pics of this attached for reference !!

But the only problem is,Not all the budget cables are made from this copper ( only the high-end and top of the line products).But still I'd say without any doubt they worth more then their price & best bang for the buck !! you should buy it (try 14 gauge or more if you can and try buying a pre made twisted pair super heavy duty speaker cable from them for fronts).

Regarding Supra as I've already informed importer has changed thrice so who's the current and their I have no idea !! try some high-end showrooms you should find one.

As with subwoofer cable,Yes you should use an dedicayed sub-woofer cable if possible ( DAC does have some for the same purpose,look into it)

Hope this helps !!



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Don't spend too much on wires its all snakeoil.

Anything decent(mid range) should do the job. You would not be able to tell a difference in sound quality with higher priced cables.
Don't spend too much on wires its all snakeoil.

Anything decent(mid range) should do the job. You would not be able to tell a difference in sound quality with higher priced cables.

Well Hello My Friend !! Quite a statement you made there :eek:!!

Now I Hope you take the following comments in true spirit and will not take it personally :D !!

I strongly disagree with you that you will not be able to tell the difference, We can and in most cases we have thats why we are trying suggest a few particular brands that we think are worth while of one's investment !! if as you say any midrange ( by that what you mean ?? I don't know) cable would do the job then we wouldn't had to break our heads and didn't have waste all our valuable time pondering which is better and which makes more sense, we just could've closed the thread in 1/2Hr saying.....

For starters in Audio Speaker Cable Especially,There's 1000 things to see (though most it is not noticed as you say,If the electronics is not of the same quality) there's capacitance,inductance,Cable Reactance etc etc to consider while making a decision !! Even one of them fails to be in the limits that they should you can have very tuff time !!

If haven't read my DIY speaker Cable post I'd Request you to do so,As I've compared different branded cables and their specs and how they matter etc..
In a time when people are talking about using "CABLE ELEVATORS" you my friend say like this !!

So to summerise, Cable and the making(rather choosing of it, in this instance) is of it is no SNAKE OIL my dear friend they are more of a science and art then a mere ....

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Ha ha ha walking away quietly ! quite a comic relief :D

particleman fight :eek: Ohh not me Am not the fighting type !! Am more of the sober type!!

Anyway I know its bit tricky situation but I cannot accept anyone ruling out the importance cable thats all !!

Thanks buddies for the valuable suggestions...

I wud like you to know...the DAC cables which I mentioned is the one which...Designer Audio

its a Designer Audio Cable....
I am getting it for 2400/- ...50 M...16 guage.....

I will use it for the rears and fronts....
while a special subwoffer cable for the Sub.... cabling is done...:))

still any better & affordable option around??? Plz let me know....:)
I did some research on speakers last week....
here are the details

I was at ProFx, Atria mall...
i chked out..

Polk Monitor 50 (18K)and RTi 50 (35K)....with a denon AMp....I found it OK sorts..nothing special..... many people on this MOnitor 50...but I think Sub Woofer is a must with those speakers....bass is quite ordinary.....

I was really disappointed....may be the AMP was the problem....:((

2. Then came couple of HTiB...with Denon 1908 (35K)

ProFx one.... a decent setup..5.1 setup..for 39000/-
Focal...5.1 satellite speakers... for 49000/-

I liked the latter....bass was gud...and the quality was the best.....

Polk Audio...Bookshelf (monitor 30) with their Sub....AVR was again DEnon 1908....
quite a decent setup....for 30K odd....

Then I went to JBL shop....

One thing...I wud like you guys to know....

Their atitutde SUCKSS BIG TIME!!!!!!....

It was like thy are doing a favour to giving me the Demo....

there I auditioned...

1. JBL e30 (18000) with HK AV247 (35000/-) plus...JBL Sub 140....(12.5K)

The setup was quite gud...I liked it....:p
But only thing was the AVR....It is out of budget....

2. JBL ES 80 (45K) with same AVR 247 .....

quite nice... i liekd it....but then both out of my Budget....:rolleyes:

Then I went to SOnodyne....
there I auditioned

Sonus2605 with Sonodyne AVR....ok sorts.........

But when the the SOnus were connected to CA 540R V3...thy sounded so different....
I liked it ..It was very decent..:D
(setup aound 55K)

SO my Long story Short.....

1.. I am looking for ....Fronts BS or FS( for time being) with AVR with HDMI( as I am

planning for LCD)...

2. Budget...50 to 60 K

Speakers...30K and remaining AVR....

Hi Sameer,

Yes buddy thats the cable Am talking about !! As with using them for fronts,Am not much for it,I'd recommend you to use bit thicker say 12 gauge for the fronts or checkout their (DAC) pre-made speaker cable,If you can go for it then please do so. for sub the cable you mentioned will do just fine.

No pal no other cheap options also don't look for one !! thats my opinion frankly.

For speakers,Id say wharfedale diamond 9.5 (25K or so) is best option within 30K, the same Designer Audio people are the country wide distributers of wharfedale,Quad,AAD,Audio Analogue if you directly you should get some good discount !!

For receiver try to go for CA540( also since you've heard it,you know the quality) as its the best of both the worlds (Movie and Music) then other similar AVR's from others.

As with the AVR being HDMI for future LCD connectivity,I know its a major plus but having said that its not compulsory for an AVR to have HDMI as the source can be directly connected without involving AVR to the LCD or Projector !!

Perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation.