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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hey brothers

i just bought 250 western digital sata 2.5" hdd for ps3 but when i put it in ps3 and when i start the ps3 it won't recognized it

I replaced the Ps3's hard drive with the western digital when I turned it on it said "Connect the controller using a USB cable, and then press the PS button." I did, after I pressed the button this appeared on the screen. "The system software cannot be run correctly. press the PS button to try and reset the system. If the system cannot be restarted, the system partition of the hard disk must be reformatted and you must reinstall the system software. Insert storage media that contains update data of version 2.70 or later, and the press the START and SELECT buttons at the same time. For information on how to obtain the update data, refer to the SCE Web site for your region." I tried pressing the PS button to restart the system, but it brought me right back to this page.

so what to do totally confused

please ans asap
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did you format the new hard drive? New drives are not formatted. PS3 should provide you the option to format it. Also, you should plan on copying over your existing data to the new disk.

This link should help you.

Feature : How to Swap Out and Upgrade a PS3 Hard Drive [PS3] - from

Good luck!!

Adding more links
Replacing PS3 Hard Drive -

Sony PS3 Modding - Homebrew, Upgrades, Mods, and Hacks: Replace your PS3 HD Video

thanks brother i solve the problem
Good to hear. So what solved the problem. The information might help some other member trying the same.

Enjoy your gaming.

i have download the newer software update of ps3 version 2.80 to usb memory stick and then i attach it to ps3's usb port and also inset 250 gb hdd and then as mentioned in ps3's menu it says

press select and start button at same time for update and i did that and voilaaaaaaaa it's working :eek:hyeah:

but one thing i have 250 gb hdd but when i udated it with ps3 there's just 205 gb space left wonder where 45 gb space go :rolleyes:
but one thing i have 250 gb hdd but when i udated it with ps3 there's just 205 gb space left wonder where 45 gb space go :rolleyes:

Kya oose jameen kha gayi ya aasman nigal gaya??????

Kahan gay woh yaadaash!!!!!!( Memory???)

Sorry bad jokes @ 1 Am !! This is because absence of alcohol!!!


Like Rishi Kappor in Karz you can attach many cables to your HDD aur 'ooski khoi hui yaadas wapis aa jayegi!!!!":yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

( I have not seen & referring Himes Reshmiyas version !! Pls NOte!)
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