Please Suggest a 5.1 Home THeatre:Budget 25K:Chennai India


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Sep 11, 2006
Hi All,
I have always been inspired by music and music systems, but never had the chance to get something real nice, I have seen and heard of these yamaha's, denon, bose, harmon kardon, jbl, and just heard about some like NAD, MArantz etc. Now I am looking for something to start with, I know with the kind of limited budget I am fixing, suggesting a good system would be a little difficult but I feel thats how the things start. So if you could suggest what is the best i can get at that price(25K INR) and where( in chennai.)

Thanks a lot for reading the message and bigger thanks if you have something nice to suggest

I would like to add that I am not looking for a DVD player I already have one. It would just be a AV receiver and speakers subwoofer etc. As of now I can settle down with less number of speakers like 2.1 also and go for the rest later if thats possible. I would atleast like to have a good receiver and a good sub.

yamaha has a complete setup (Receiver + 5.1 Speaker System) for 25K. I think it is called the AV21. Check it out with your local Audio dealer in Chennai.
It is a good decision to go for 2.1 first and expand it later. I would suggest buy a good amp now with cheap speakers and when you are ready to expand move the cheap pair to the rear. Not sure if you are looking for book shelf speakers or sattelites?
Please Suggest a 5.1 Home THeatre:Budget 25-30K:Hyderabad India

Please suggest me Good home theater system arround 25K to 30K

I have check these models

Onkyo HTS 3500 and Yamaha 296

Which one is the best one.
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