pls suggest a music system for Hyundai i10


Mar 3, 2008
Hey Gang,

Can you pls suggest a decent music system for Hyundai i10,no specific preference,and to be used only during the weekends,any help will be highly appreciated.


Chandra mohan
Hello and Welcome to the forum

Let us know what do you prefer and your budget, that way other members can suggest you better

By what you prefer i mean is
1) You want only speakers at the front or also at rear? If is going to be mostly 2 people traveling in car then it does not make much sense to install speakers in rear

2)Do you prefer a sub?

3) Would you want connect a I-POD to your system

I hope you got the idea
Thanks for the reply Rikhav,I would prefer speakers on both the sides,front and rear,but not a sub since the budget would be around 5~6k all inclusive,will i get a set which can support an IPOD?thanks in advance.


Hi Chandru
I am not that well upto date with the market. But for a budget of around 6k if you want front and rear speakers and a decent mp3 playing head unit ituld be hard to get

I guess a decent Pioneer head unit with which you can connect your ipod (the one by which you can control the ipod from the head unit remote) will be around 5 or 6k

I would suggest you go step by step if you dont have a bigger budget for now. Go for decent components in the front and then when you want install the same or 6 X 9 speakers in the rear. Those 6X9 would be required to installed on the parcel shelf or would need boxes which would eat up your boot space. So its good to install component speakers which fit in the door. Do check what size components the I10 door panel can take.

I will check with some friends and give you the exact model number of Pioneer head units. Alpine is way better then Pioneer in terms of sound quality but it would be really out of your budget
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