Pls suggest device


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Oct 9, 2009
New Delhi
I am planning to buy Xtreamer HD, what my doubt is Audio/sound . since Xtreamer provides "Digital audio Optical stereo dobly 5.1 DTS output interface.

As my existing Amplifier & ch5.1 system has no such digital audio receiver interface .

So what I need to buy to get Ch5.1 digital audio from Xtreamer & Broadcasting it to my ch5.1 speakers . Pls suggest cheapest solution as budget if very tight .

can I use my existing ch5.1 speaker with that devices ?

I would not prefer sophisticated AV type receiver .
check this unit .. Decoder Kit(Dolby Digital, AC3/DTS)

act like a company.. ask for sample purchase!
good AVR will give better quality.. i took my yamaha 361 in 12k

What speaker package do you have presently? What about your amp?
If it does not decode optical, then you could go for a entry level avr which could take digital input and give 5.1 out. Other than yamaha 36x, onkyo 30x etc you could also check for stuff from Craftel, Dnm, Norge etc
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