POLK Audio

Wecome to the party. We missed you too. So howz the 60s?

Yeah baby!!! we can finaly lay our hands on 'POLK' audio systems.. though they not retailing yet here in India.. they have this awesome range at- Speakers < Home Audio < TV & Home Theatre < Electronics - Shop in the US from India @ 20North

Great bargains as well..

Jojo -From whr you got the impression Polk is unavailable in India..Pro FX is auth dist for polk for last 3-4 years imho

Profx - Advanced Audio Solutions

above is weblink , even on polk site too Pro Fx is mentioned!

So what is the great news?

Polk Audio - Dealer Locator: Find an authorized local, online, or custom installation specialist
I think JOJO is spammer only 6 posts all about 20 North!!

It is quite obvious the TS is a spammer!
And what a fitting reply, Unleash, :lol: I was laughing my guts out!

Polk, Klipsch and so on are already available here in our poor 'lil' developing nation!
Jojo makes it sound like the next big thing in History!
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