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Price threads should be vetted on a regular basis

Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com


New Member
Nov 18, 2010
Notwithstanding the obvious title of the thread - folks tend to clutter the price threads with

0. Queries about a related product.
1. Asking for product suggestions
2. Giving advice to other buyers
3. Debating product features
4. Extolling virtues of a product
5. Comparing multiple models/products.
6. Congratulating folks on their purchases.

This has made it slightly difficult to achieve the original goals for the thread - which was to have a single place for sharing prices.

My suggestion to clear it up - in increasing order of difficulty

0. There should be a stickied post with the rules for posting in the price thread.
1. A new price thread every two months (with retaining the posts/quotes from the last two weeks).
2. Price thread posts should be previewed/approved before being submitted to the thread- all this requires is to see the post and ensure that it indeed has a product/price/shop/date. (additional reviewers could be roped in for this job)
3. Lock the price thread and submissions are only by IM
4. Create an embedded page (e.g. google docs/wiki) that can be edited with a pre-determined format for each cell.