Problem of Flash drive with my Philips HTS3265/98


New Member
Aug 3, 2009
I have recently bought the Philips HTS3265/98 and am happy with it as a good VFM proposition.
It has a USB connection on which I can connect a flash drive and play MP3, DivX and Jpeg.
When I connect my Corsair 8 GB Flash Voyager it cannot detect the device. It correctly detects and plays from my Transcend 512 MB drive. The Corsair is FAT32 formatted while the Transcend is FAT. Yesterday, I borrowed my friend's 16 GB Corsair Flash Voyager and tried it on my HTS and it detected and played fine. That too is formatted FAT32. My corsair works fine on PCs. I had observed in a past too that it didn't work with our Kodak DPF while the transcend worked.
Philips CC told me to reformat and try and the result is still the same.
Anyone has a clue what could be wrong?
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