Problem with sony dav151kb home theatre


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Jan 18, 2008
I have a old Philips colour TV. I recently bough the Sony DAV DZ151KB- home theatre.
All the DVDs that I play, there is no colour display on the screen.
I have tried different DVDs, called up customer care, still no help.
I change the setting of the colour system of the DVD player from NTSC to PAL since my TV supports only PAL.
Even after changing the colour system on the DVD player, it still displays NTSC on the DVD player when I play the DVD.
The customer care guy tells me that it is because all the DVDs are written in NTSC format so it displays the format. The TV option should be changed to Auto. I have no option to change the TV settings. Sony website tells me the DVD player supports both NTSC and PAL.

Can someone guide me whether there is a problem with the TV or the DVD player which should change the color system?

Thanks a lot.
May be I forgot to mention, the video is playing on the TV but it is in Black & White.
I have my home theatre speakers connected directly from the Sony DVD player.
Only one video Out cable goes from my DVD player to the video In of my TV. I use the AV mode. It is not possible to set it in Auto mode since I do not have the remote for the same. I use a universal remote which doesnt support that function. I def remember that there was a function like tat to change the AV to Auto/Pal.
In the DVD player, I change the setting to PAL but still when I play the DVD it displays NTSC. I asked Sony customer care and they tell me it is because the DVD is written in NTSC so it displays NTSC.

All I like to know if it is a problem with the TV/DVD player. I dont want to hold on to the DVD player if it is faulty. Can someone help me please.
Thanks a lot.
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Why don't you take the DVD player to a friends place and check out with his TV?
Or (just in case...) take it to a TV show room and connect it to a new TV there. :)

Why dont you try re-checking the setup menu?

PAL/NTSC should not be affecting you if you're feeding your television with audio/video signals or component cables.

Alternatively, if you're using the component cable, make sure you've not accidentally reversed the cables, for that can result the picture to be in B/W or incorrect color.

Have you tried with the S-Video Outputs?

Also try with a different DVD, which you're sure of, and check if the same fault occurs.

If everything fails, its time for Sony Service!

By the way, make sure you're using good quality of cables.
Dear Sweetvenom,
the problem is with your TV but not with the DVD player. Generally, old tv's don't go well with dvd players. Better change your tv.
Dear Sweetvenom,
the problem is with your TV but not with the DVD player. Generally, old tv's don't go well with dvd players. Better change your tv.

I agree, the problem is with the TV. The DVD player cannot help much with a NTSC DVD source. The TV is unable to understand the signal. Its try to render a NTSC signal as PAL.
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