Projection Design New LED & 3D Projectors


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Feb 27, 2009
New Delhi
Today I went to Tech Com which took place at Hotel Lalit at CP in New Delhi, there Projection Design had showcased two new projectors one based on LED technology and the other on the 3D tech.
One look at this Led Based Projector and its huge, but the picture performance and colour reproduction was simply brilliant and something which is very hard to find specially with Projectors. The Best part about this projector was that it was an Instant On design with no lamp in it so it was running very cool with no fan noise, also its life is simply mind blowing i.e 1,00,000 hours which is unheard off with projectors, there is no fading of colors with time and no motion blurr problem which is even seen on projectors twice its value.

LED Projector
Led Projector.jpg

Image Displayed By the LED Projector
Led Display.jpg

Now I was also given a briefing about the 3D projector to which at first I thought that the projector was out of focus since the image was blurred but when the presenter told me that its the 3D projector then I could not stop myself but to take a full demo of it. I was given a special Spectacles which I could wear on the top of my existing spectacle and this special spectacle was nothing like the typical 3D glasses I had seen earlier but it was a rechargable unit which syncs with the projector and projects the true 3D image. I was clearly blown away with the performance of this 3D projector the images were life like and I could feel that everything was happening right there in front of me. I realised that this technology would surely make it to the mass market in the near future. It was a far better presentation than the PVR's or any commercial cinema hall I have ever visited, simply WOW experience.

3D Projector
3D Projector.jpg

3D Glasses
3D Glasses.jpg

Image Displayed by the 3D projector
3D Image.jpg

Now comes the part which completely shook me but it was bound to happen as both these technologies are new so the prices are on the higher side but for those who could afford one of these units he would not look anywhere else. when I enquired about the prices of these two units then I was told that both the models have been launched in India and are priced around US$ 35K and 25K after conversion respectively.

This Tech Com exibition would also be showcased in Bangalore on 20th Jan so anybody interested in seeing these unit himself should defenitely go there.
Actually, Priyesh (Lakozy Mumbai) informed us last nite only. He forgot that he has a franchisee in Delhi now. Lakozy is dealing projection design.

Actually, Priyesh (Lakozy Mumbai) informed us last nite only. He forgot that he has a franchisee in Delhi now. Lakozy is dealing projection design.


well if you guys could manage to sell one of these, i suppose you wont have to sell anything else for a month atleast..
even a 10% profit margin means 3500$, wow..:eek:hyeah:


I really want to thank you fro your appreciation.

Yes, our LED is really pulling lots of eyes.

lots of people were really not sure how we managed to get the good colours and were really tryin to be sure if they were actually looking the image through projector.

well, Delhi is going to good for us and we will have a smiliar roadshow in my Dealers office next month again. This time , some 1080P MOVIES on display.

It was nice meeting Ashish.

see you soon....