ps3 corrupted data.


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hey bros.

i have 250gb hdd in ps3 but i have two corrupted datas of saved game name motorstorm paific rift

whenever i want to delete both corrupted data it says not possible an error occur with some numbers don't remember the number though

how to delete both corrupted saved datas

please reply
Manu this unfortunately is a pretty much a common problem which occurs to few people.The only quick solution to this is to back up ur data and format the HDD. I have had such corrupt data files when i was playing a few games sometime back.I had a frustrating one when i was about to complete COD WAW and the save data got corrupted and the game refused to load. Create a new user name and copy paste the save files,this might also help you.
Many times data corruption happens when minute dust particles clog the space between the memory and the reader. If no other method works, a last solution (at times can create problems) is to use a mini vaccum cleaner (not the micro one used for electronics, but the mini one used for cars) and suck up the dust through any of the ports.

Take care to keep the PS3 as well as the vaccum cleaner on a wooden platform before you attempt this.

If this doesnt work, you may want to open it up and use the good old method of a damp banian cloth.

If that also does not help, well, life is a big game, what is one corrupt episode.
thanks brothers appreciate your help

i guess i try vj box methods back up my files and then format 250gb hdd :)
though i know about formating thing but i thought may be some other way to delete that data anyhow
thanks again bros.
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