quad 22l speakers


The dealers for Wharfedale should be:


# 97, Sai Brigades, Brigade Road,
(After St.Joseph College Of Commerce)
Next To Brigade Prince Bar, Bangalore - 25.
Tel: 25543287, 9341717966

# 2, Lakshmi Towers, # 200, R.V. Road,
South End Circle, Bangalore - 4.
Tel: 9845522937


No.118 (Old no.333), First Floor, Arcot Road,
Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600024.
Tel: (044) 43587565 / 75, 9841036657, 9884415122.

25 Casa Major Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008.
Tel: 28193445, 28193607

Particaleman good to see in action after a long gap :)!!

In the 2 addresses that you given for bangalore ,the Total sound is a very new outlet,just opened a month or so back ! The Owner is a very good friend of mine called Masood ! He has not stocked the Quad as of now so a demo will not be possible !

There was another outlet in the Infantry Road called Decibels Inc who had stocked these !! but they are planning a bigger showroom in KG road so currently closed ! As with the Vector,He also I doubt has Quads for demo (but I could be wrong also) !

So Nandakumar just call Vector and checkout if they have it as the other is not much of a use (Am only talking bout demo)!

Hope this info helps you !

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As far as my knowledge, masood owned the shop at gem plaza and i think it was leased to anand. Masood does not have quads and even the guy at brigade does not have quads but only whaferdale.

Yeah what you say is correct ! its bit complicated then just the word "LEASE" but will not go into great details !!

I knew thats why said that !! anyway check with the chennai folks and see whether you like !! I think you this but just for the safety reasons ! there's not much use Auditioning 22l as its been replaced with L2 series ! so you should in all probability Audition 22L2 !! if you can manage to travel,then I'd say go to mumbai !! as the importer sits there he'll be able to give you a demo and later send it one of the dealers in Bangalore from where you can easily pick-up !!

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I paid 75 K for speakers and I dont like watching monkey's dancing only parrots singing. I havent seen a movie since 20 years,
that is pretty darn good deal as no body is willing to discount it from its rp of 2500 bucks in canada and us street price is 1500 usd plus local taxes ... so you got a killer deal ...if anyone could chime in with centre channels and surronds price that will be gr8 ... .thanks
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