Queries about 42PQ70


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Jun 19, 2009
I was bitten by the large screen bug a few months since I joined HFV. I finally bit the bullet and got myself a LG 42PQ70 after reading all the reviews on this forum.

I have a few n00b queries about this model.

1. Does newer manufactured set have to go through the burn in period for avoiding IR? I tried setting everything to 50 and the PQ was pathetic as my room is brightly lit. The picture is extremely dark if I set the brightness and contrast to less than 50 (on Tata Sky). On my WDTV, I can manage these settings to 50 without any loss in PQ.

2. What does the Black Level setting do? It has 'Low' and 'High'. On 'Low', all blacks are just that - blacks. When I set it to 'High', there are a few details which are shown in the blacks but they actually turn to dark gray.

3. What is Gamma - setting Gamma to High makes the entire PQ very dark.

4. What is the Intelligent Sensor and how does it work? On recos on this forum, I've set it to Intelligent Sensor to High

5. Yesterday, I was getting a buzzing sound from my unit which stopped when I muted my TV. Was not able to replicate it at all after i pushed all the wires in again.

6. I've connected WTV to this unit using HDMI. Would I be able to play DTS tracks? (I have a feeling I won't be able to)

7. Can someone share some good settings for this unit?

8. What does the ISM menu do? What is White Wash and Color Wash

9. What is the AV button on the remote?

10. What is Film Type (This menu is only enabled on Tata Sky and not in HDMI connections)

11. I tried setting Tata Sky to 16:9 but apparently there was no change at all. Somehow the picture does not looked stretched out - is the TV doing the upscaling?

12. Can I cover my TV with a regular cloth (i am hoping to avoid scratches and my house is a dust bowl actually!)

Sorry about tons of questions but that's what HFV is for, isn't it?

I am also facing some problem with the extended warranty that LG is advertising about. The dealer is now telling me that the extended warranty is applicable only on home appliances and NOT on televisions. This is not mentioned in their print ads. How can I complaint against the dealer and the company. I feel as if I was duped into buying the set for that price as it appeared that the extended warranty was part of the package.
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