Query: Headphone out, Aux in


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Mar 31, 2009
Request attention of Audio gurus on this:
I have a HP laptop (entry level stuff). It's headphone output sounds good in my Sony headphones. When I connected the headphone output to aux-in of my Onkyo 5105 AVR, the loudness-dynamics were quite good, but some of harmonics-detail was lost in speaker output ( I have wharfedale 9.2 as fronts).

Since the sound in headphones is pretty detailed and well balanced across freq-spectrum, I believe the DAC in laptop is good enough (for me!).

1. So why some of the harmonics are getting lost in amplification to speaker chain?
2. Has that something to do with the fact that headphone output doesn't matches AVR's aux in requirement?
3. If yes, is there a USB-device that gives RCA/aux level output from laptops?

Thanks in advance,
Here are a couple of more options with the features you're looking for:


Thought I've not used these particular models, I am currently using their older D1 model which is a huge upgrade to the onboard sound of my PC and it has a decent line-out as well...
Technically,short & clean paths sounds better.
AVR is not good for music listening.There is lot of sound processing/passing is done which can change the Harmony.
Headphone amps shld be of better Q(in AVR)

These can be reasons ,why sound alters....
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