query regarding p3/810 chipset


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Jul 18, 2009
I have a very old board(purchased back in 2000). It is 810D chipset, with a P3 550mz processor. It doesnt even have a AGP slot. Thankfully it has PCI 32bit slots rev 2.2. I have 256MB SDRAM installed.
I was thinking of making a HTPC out of it.
Since there are only a few PCI based GPUs with HDMI output, I was thinking of HDAV 1.3 Slim PCI, which provides both good audio/video out options.

The confusion that I have is:
1) is HDAV 1.3 slim available in india? Here at Rashi Peripherals, they are only providing PCIe 1x options.
2) is HDAV 1.3 slim PCI actually a 32bit PCI? The shape seems a bit confusing to me, considering that PCI only has 1 gap..(see attached images..the one with yellow slots shows the type of PCI slots, starting from top is PCIe 4x, next PCIe 16x, next PCIe 1x, next PCIe 16x and last is the 32bit PCI )
3) would the card be compatible, or it requires the motherboard with certain amount of RAM, bus speed?

If this type of solution is not possible then maybe i would get a good stereo PCI sound card and use by PC only for music.
clarification from experts required..
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purchased a juli@ after checking that HDAV actually uses the on board graphics and just enhances the signal rather other GPUs.
But having problems..with the analog outs.. there is a lot of background noise coming in.
it seems that i cant plug them directly to the CD L/R in. it is something similar to what i see if i connect them to my analog outs of the 5.1 section of the dvd player rather than the CD out. seems something to with the amplified signal for active speakers.. dont know much on it..
would be searching..
any help appreciated..
You need a new board and CPU. What you're using is horribly outdated, probably has little filtering on the PCI slots which is causing that noise in the audio, and it cannot decode HD videos without freezing. 256MB means WinXP will barely run, so I don't know what your definition of 'HTPC' is. This is not suitable for sure.

Why exactly are you connecting the DVDP to an HTPC? What are you trying to achieve and what are you trying to use this PC for?

i have given up the idea of making a HTPC out of that alltogether..I am making it a music PC instead. I purchased this card after checking the manual . It says that PIII processor is supported.

Minimum System Requirement
- Intel Pentium III CPU or equivalent CPU
- Motherboard with Pentium III support (ex: Intel 815 / 845 / 865 / 875, VIA694 / KT133 / KT266 / KT333 / KT600, etc.)
- At least 256MB of RAM
- One available PCI slot
- Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP operating system
- Hard Driver supporting UDMA 66/100 and 5400rpm
- Active speakers or speakers with powered amplifier

I also tested the card while puchasing it. Maybe the guy there had desktop kindof speakers and the sound came just fine ( I checked that those were connected to analog out and the default device for sound was juli.

I wanted to know what is the difference between the output signal that comes out from a L/R out of a CD player and the L/R out of the sound card.

I have never tried connecting the desktop speakers to a CD player, but they work with the PC sound card allright.

My PC and AVR are placed side by side. Would it help if I placed them far apart?
Also what do mean when you say "filtering on the PCI slot"
Soundcards draw their power from the PCI slot of the computer. Older PCs and power supplies had very poor power quality, and motherboards did not (with the exception of Intel Original boards) add any further filtering - hence were unsuitable for critical audio applications. When high-resolution audio equipment was used (mostly studio equipment) there would be too much noise and interference in the output. This is where PC audio got its bad name from.

There is no difference between the output of a CDP or a soundcard. They present very similar voltage levels and work into similar impedances. Pro cards like the Juli@ will be switchable between -10 (consumer) and -4dBV (professional) output levels, but at -10 it will behave exactly like a line level analog output.

Thanks for clearing that doubt..
Anyways I have fixed the analog out problems..
3 things that I did..
Moved the AVR and PC a little further apart
Changed the option in Juli for external clock to internal
Changed the cable ( I think this was the main issue)

I am still not able to pass through sound through optical / coaxial, the AVR is able to detect the signal as it shows PCM, but no sound comes out of the speakers..
Also when i set the clock to external, the sound tempo goes really bad.. like very less..
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