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Sep 18, 2007
Hi Guys,

Well I live in New York and used to think I knew a lot about prosumer level receivers & speakers and setup. I am about to visit India and thought of picking a set of good bookselves speaker and a decent receiver for India. I landed up on this site when I was checking for the prices available in India. But I got confused. I am hearing names which I don't see it in US and don't know about them. Wharfedale, Marantz, NAD, Jamo....gosh what do I do?

Now it seems back there you guys are more into audio buff. Tell me, I was planning to bring speakers Polk Audio Monitor 40 (250 USD) and Center speaker as CSi3 again Polk Audio (129 USD) and Yamaha HTR 6060 (USD 330) receiver. Am I going to look like an idiot in terms of my choice (quality) and price. Am I better just bringing monster speaker cable and buy rest of the stuff from there. Mind you I am heading to Lucknow.

Also guys something is eating me up for long. In 1984 I had bought some Sony floor standing speakers - 3 way, I think they were called ss40. I haven't beeen to Lucknow since 1995 and wondering how they will fare now. What problems might come up and can they be taken care of. I know once they was flooding at my parental house and they got some water on them. Any idea guys.....I had spent all my saving backs then when i had bought them together with a Sansui Amp and deck separate. In my heart I feel they will still work but lets see....what do you think?

Guys I am looking for advice as I still havn't start to shop for my stuff here. So guys what will you suggest. Some pointers:

- I don't like satellite speakers
- I don't like Home Theater packages
- I am ready to buy just fronts and center. Subwoofer being bulky, I have to buy from India. Rear can wait or remember those Sony speakers back home.

Guys tell me.


Thr brands that are popular in India are most the British/European brands. This stems from the fact that Indian homes unlike American homes tend to be small in size and thus more suitable for British/European brands. Also more Indian distributors favour these European brands.

Since prosumer products tend to cost more in India (because of the high import duty tariffs), it would be best to bring the goods with you from the US. Just keep in mind the Voltage difference between US (110v) and India(220v).

Regarding your Sony speaker, I doubt if it would have survived through the many years and floods.
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