Receiver Help!


Jan 10, 2008
:)Hi everyone.....

this is my first posting on this forum.....i want all the members to help me out to choose a receiver for my speakers...

my speakers are as follows:-

1)Polk audio Monitor 50(Floor standing Speakers)
2)Polk Audio CS1 (Center)
3)Polk Audio PSW12 (Sub)

i had purchased these speakers two years and till now i havnt bought the receiver:eek: so i need ur suggestions and help to choose the right receiver for my above speakers...

i had auditioned the denon and marantz that time with the same set of speakers and marantz beat denon in all respects be it in surround or i am actually bent on to purchase marantz.....i did give a thought about CA,NAD but havnt been able to take demo on the same.....did demo the onkyo 505 and 703 at sigma a few days back on ELAC speakers......but cudnt take a decision;) as i think i have lost the touch or the taste i had two years back......

i wanted to know where can i get the latest marantz receivers that is the sr 4002 and 5002 in bangalore apart from koramangala area?

Thanks in advance!

Cinebels@ Garuda Mall, 3rd Floor.
Mr.Jagdish is the Manager there. You may call him on 080-32935266/56641178
hey thanks a lot for ur reply!

yeah i have been to that place(forgot to mention) but the prices are way out of my budget they r quoting 46k for 5002:confused:

any idea in the grey market?

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