Receiver to go with Energy Take 5.1 (or QA)


Oct 21, 2009
Pune, India
I have pretty much decided to go with Energy or QA as they are highly regarded in these forums. Which receiver should I go for? My room size is 20x18. I like to listen to Music. Given that I have already selected the speakers, I suspect that the choice of a "matching" receiver should not be difficult. No point fitting a Ferrari engine to a Toyota camry.
Budget? Your room may need the 90..100w/ch AVRs which may cost around 40k (Denon 1910, Yamaha 665...)

You will not find much difference between Denon/Onkyo/Yamahas(aphabetical order) in the 30k range, listen to them paired with both the speaker sets and take a call...

If music is what you enjoy most, you may consider going with a stereo amp + 2.0/2.1 or otherwise at least upgrade the fronts in the AVR+5.1 set.
I would say go for Denon 1910 if you like music more than movies, go for Onkyo 607 or higher if you like movies.
Personally, I am using Onkyo 607 and it's awesome for movies...
Has anybody tried out the pioneer 1910? they have rec'd quite a number of good reviews. But they've not been discussed on this forum.
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