reference for good speakers in bangalore.


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Jul 18, 2009

I am a beginner in the hi-fidelity & hi-definition audio, video world and to me everything looks better than the basic audio cd, dvd player & tv that i have.

I have seen & heard the following systems so far -
1. Yamaha YHT-195 HTiB system.
2. Denon 1910 + Polk-Audio Speakers.
3. Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV.

When i was looking at these systems it was more of an exploration rather than hunting for a specific product. There were some suggestions from the dealers regarding the product that would suit my needs. Most of these suggestions pushing towards a HTIB kind of a product.

In the past 2-3 weeks i have learnt a lot about the hows and whys of the a/v systems and the speaker systems from a variety of information sources on the web including this forum.

Based on the learnings so far, i would prefer to go by the component-by-component approach and so would like to start with a decent a/v receiver and a good front (L/R) speaker pair.

For the a/v receivers, i get a feeling that Denon & Yamaha are the trusted brands and it would be good to go with one of their latest offerings based on my specific requirement.

For the speakers, i am not too sure though.

As of now i have only seen the Polk-Audio & Yamaha in action.

I am keeping a budget of around 60K for the combination of A/V Rx and Front Speakers (preferably floor standing) and if possible a sub-woofer. So would like to know from the experienced folks to suggest what would be a good combination in this price range.

As i stay in bangalore, it would really help if you can also let me know the dealer name & location along with the speaker brand.

AVR + 2.0 to start with is a good approach, which will maximise your RoI in the long run, but you need to be patient in the short term till you assemble your full gear. BTW, budget around 5k for cables and ICs.

What is your music:movie preference/ratio? If you want to have an AVR which will do "some" justice to music, you can look at Marantz/Denon/Yamaha or if you want an allrounder, add Onkyo and HK also to the list :) and audition most of them.

Do you prefer BS of FS speakers, do you have enough space for FSs? FSs need some space around them for optimal performance. Based on this, you will get lot more suggestions from the gurus out here.

thanks for the suggestions.

i plan to have the system in my living room. This room is "L" shaped which is Tanother reason why i want to go slow with the system.

The longer rectangular portion is about 20'x10' (200 sq.ft.).

I prefer FS over others (BS & satellites) as i find them to be more stable from a placement point of view (no stands & wall brackets), flexibility of placement and also from the specs. seen so far these seem to be have more bang for the buck.

I guess i will listen to music more (almost daily basis or alternate days) and movies on weekends only.

So, my question to the gurus still remains -
what speakers can i add up with a decent AV/R for a budget of around 55K considering 5k for cables and ICs.
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