Reginald Anybody?


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Mar 9, 2009
Nowadays, as the international markets open up,It is easy to purchase Hi end audio gear.

I am familiar with 3 local makers of High end audio

Even 10 years back, people had to rely on Hi quality Manufacturers like Reginald and Audiocraft for custom-built sound systems.

Torvin is not bad either.

The Reginald Music industries operates from Pudur, near Ambattur in Chennai.

They have a fantastic knowlege of all things High and Musical.

Yet I find it odd that though Craftel is mentioned in the net, as one can read up on them, it is very tough to Google "Reginald".

yet they are some of the best speakers I have ever heard..

Not to mention their Church Organs, Recording studios and PA systems.

Most of their home theater speakers are powered and most of these are active.

Yet these Makers especially Mr. John George of Reginald, keep the production of these components at a pace they can control.

So, sometimes there is a waiting period for some of these custom made beauties.

It is well worth the wait.

I ask if any of you know have any experiences abt these manufacturers who do a good job from Chennai and who have installed their products all over India to share here your rating of their products.


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