resistance and resistance 2?????


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hello bortherssss

has anyone here in hifi vision play both games

what are your thoughts on them

though i still playing resistance 1 and i can definetly said its much better than halo 3
Why would you compare these two,yes i have played both and they are on their own leagues. And you know what,no online multiplayer has ever equaled the success the halo3 unless gears came.Even now i still enjoy playing halo3 online and its simply awesome.You can go on playing social slayer for ever and its super solid. Resistance 2 had some decent multiplayer but i was not impressed with the level of immersion that games like kill zone 2 gave me online.
My latest games in the line up is battle field bad company on the ps3,i missed this game when it came up and was lying untouched and now is the time for me to complete the single player and the level of detail in the game is awesome!!
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halo has been a winner all the way - and resistance 2 seemed to be a graphically better repeat to its first installment IMHO resistance was better wrt to overall gameplay.

And why do you want to compare say e.g. Fifa with Pro evolution soccer (I played when in was in college some 5-6 years back). One was arcade fun the other was a pretty good simulation.

We should not compare different games on different platforms. You do not compare mario bros with super monkey ball do you??

i just want to know which has great single player mode resistance or resistance 2

i'm notasking for online play coz i never play online
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