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Right now I am listening to ...

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers

Sushant Sharma

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Jul 19, 2016
Himachal Pradesh
Tri Atma was a band formed in Germany in 1977. A bit under the radar as I haven't heard much of a mention of them. Very strong indian influence (reggae and electronic too) and the tabla player named Asim Saha.

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Feb 10, 2011
Thane, Mumbai
Ghanashyam - Dance Drama
by Pt Ravi Shankar and troupe

If you like Indian music, you need to do yourself a favour and listen to this album. One of the best theatrical set of compositions by Ravi Shankar, it derives from both classical and folk (semi) musical traditions fused well. And unlike most Indian semi-classical albums, this isn’t small scale. It’s quite medium scale orchestration (large scale by Indian standards) done excellently by Ashit Desai. All the accompanists are top notch artists (for example Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on guitar). And there are a lot of Indian instruments making the sound truly rich. Best part is how they are arranged so well into the composition. The album is quite high on audiophile criteria as well - one of the joys of listening to this album is to listen to the varied tonality of instruments from same category for example sarod, sitar and guitar or mridangam and dholak or sarangi and shehnai. It’s rewarding.

As for the drama (story) itself, I don’t believe in what’s stated - that this is on drug abuse. As the track titles suggest, this seems a depiction of he changing seasons from summer to spring followed by a few spiritual dances. At most the theme of drug abuse seems retrofitted into it. Yet, that doesn’t take anything away from the richness, beauty and joy this album has.

Go treat yourself. This should be available on most streaming platforms. Better still, get a CD.
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