Samsung 46A650 - First Impressions


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Aug 5, 2008
Hi all,

I am now the proud owner of a Samsung 46A650 LCD TV which has been installed this afternoon at my place. I must say that I am delighted at the overall picture quality though, I must admit, I do not have any Full HD content as of now at home. However, normal DVDs which I rent from Big Flix and even multi movie disks which I had bought from local shops for as low as Rs.100 are showing up very well. I have connected my Philips DVP 5982 to my Denon AVR 1909 receiver through a DAC HDMI cable and the Receiver to the TV through a Monster HD 1000 HDMI cable. I have connected the audio from the DVD Player to the receiver through an RCA-RCA Coaxial cable.

The picture on the TV and the sound on my 7.1 Wharfedale 9.6 setup is giving all of us a wonderful experience. Jet Li's Hero is the movie I have chosen for the first demo and its a real treat visually and otherwise too. However, I can still see some noise in dark areas but not enough to rob us of the overall effect.

I have connected my Tatasky box to the TV using the supplied Composite cable and then took an Audio out connection from the TV to the Receiver to listen to the TV sound output on the Wharfedales. The picture from Tatasky is not exactly great, I must admit, Its a lil soft.

Can someone suggest ways to improve the picture quality and my overall Home Theater experience, please?

A friend of mine has suggested that I imeediately buy a Krykard Servo stabiliser to protect my entire setup. Is that necessary? Can you suggest any other better options within 4 to 5k?

The journey I began on this forum a couple of months ago has helped me reach this far thanks to fellow members like Venkat, Suhas and others. I am sure that I'd get more sound advice to help me enjoy my Home Theater much better.

The 32 inch Sharp LCD has gone on to the Bedroom wall making my wife happy too. :)

Thanks in advance.

Hi kumareshwar,
Congrats on the great buy, looks like you are having a great diwali with all that shopping :D.
I have the same model but in 32 inch and I absolutely love the LCD.
Why not connect your tata sky to the denon, so that it upscales?
may be that can improve the PQ a bit.
Iam waiting for my denon too !! cant wait to have the setup done.
A stabilizer is recommended.
Once again congrats and enjoy your TV.
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