Samsung HDMI 1080P DVD Player for 2K!


Sep 23, 2007
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Croma anounced sale on few products upto August end,didny specify which products...
Good Looking!!
But when comes to performance - need to check.
I did see the following in some review.
Pros & Cons
* stylish design, 1080p video output, compact unit, dynamic colours, many formats
* some trouble with motion, no dts support, no display, usb port, remote control

The budget price and lack of videophile features means that Samsung's DVD-F1080 isn't designed to be the centrepiece for a serious home cinema system - it's simply a fun, stylish upscaling deck that'll look great in the living room or bedroom. Its impressive picture quality is an added bonus and partially makes up for the sluggish operating system and lack of USB port. Overall a great value player

This is just for information. I have not checked the performance of this player.
This player is not claiming to be oppo Anyway nothin available @ RS 2 K with HDMI and from a brand like Samsung!

IMHO samsung build quality is better than LG & Philips and far better than onida ,in Indian DVD's only SONY is better built ....and IMHO sony's HDMI also offer similer features @ 5 K + ....also heard there are always playbality issues in Sony ( Not confirmed)
This seems a good player for those not interested in playing files off Pen Drives or HDD, but only through DVD's and DivX files on CD/DVD.

Someone looking for just a Plug & Play DVDP may find this great. And at 2K, there's not much to ask for now, is there?
I saw this a couple of months ago at Croma in Pune. The salesperson mentioned that most of the pieces on sale were defective and had been returned by 90% of the customers. needless to say i didn't buy it.
apart from philips none of the brands are divx certified. so u might face problems with divx 6 playback (i do with lgdv388).

the value is great,but you might wanna start saving money for divx 7 stuff which is going to hit the market soon and as far as i know panasonic is likely to be one of the first few companies to get divx plus chip encoded in their players. i know its speculation, but when divx 7 comes out, i really dont think any other dvd player will stand a chance.
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