Sanyo in Rs25000-32 Size

wow.. amazing price. Can you tell us what is the exact model number as well.

Does anyone have any review on this (especially comparing with Panasonic LE8 which is available at nearly 30K)
Yes- asper todays ad in Mumbai Mirror it is availablr in mumbai too
Also Moser Baur 42" lcd @ Kohinoor Mumbai - Under exchange of 29 INch CTV ( I presume) @ 35 K only!!!!!!!!!
I saw the TV yesterday, but I could only viewit with whatever material they were feeding it. It didn't look like a great TV to be honest, and if the Panasonic LE8 is available for 30k, I think it would be more than worth it to spend that 5k extra. However, if you want a decent sized FPD and you're on a budget, the Sanyo makes for a compelling choice.
Oh ya I saw the 42" chinese Plasma.....rubbish....absolute rubbish. I don't think anyone should touch it with a bargepole. it was like a grey screen had been placed over the correct image.
Sanyo 22" LCD at Big Baazar - Bangalore Diwali offer is Rs 15,900. (not mentioned about what model it is).
Some of the negatives of Sanyo LCD (on model 27XR1)

* Analog tuner
* Brightness, contrast and colour settings need to be adjusted before an ptimal image is attained
* Some difficulty displaying deep blacks

You can anyway take some time to tweak the settings before you start watching. But still its value for money for this model available in the market. I did not find any other LCD with such low rate.

Ofcourse this is for those, who are not particular about quality but concerned about money.
Since I am looking to buy an LCD (32), have been looking around.

Some prices in Bombay for reference, friends:

Panasonic 32 - 31K - Vijay
Panasonic 32 (100Hz) - 38K - Kohinoor (this was given special)
Sharp 32 - 25K - Ezone
Sharp 32 Aquos 32A33 - 35K - Vijay
Sony 32T400A - 37K - Malaika
Videocon 32 Integra - 25K - Next
????? 32 - 20K (Xch) - Kohinoor
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