Schiit's New TYR Power Amplifier


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May 17, 2009
This isn't a review. More an introduction to a new product from Schiit. You can read more about it here.
Schiit is usually associated with value. However, this is a flagship product and nothing is spared with regard to its design and build. This is a $1600 USD power amplifier.

The TYR (pronounced Tier) is a mono power amplifier. Its assembled in the USA. Components are sourced from USA, Japan and a few other countries.

Darko Audio has a nice video on how they go about building the new TYR.

The video starts with the stamping of the metal amplifier chassis, then takes you to the factory that builds their circuit boards and also does the robotized soldering of surface mounted devices or chips, then goes to the Schiit assembly factory where they do final assembly and inspection of every amplifier. There appear to be two large transformers installed in front of the chassis. Technically the second one is a power inductor. Assembly is a time consuming process. This is no fast Production line gear. They can build a limited number of these. Considering all this and the fact thats its Assembled in the USA, the asking price is quite reasonable. This goes for most of what Schiit sell.
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