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Sennheiser Budget Headphones HD180 on amazon.in..Bang for the buck!

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Active Member
Mar 9, 2009
Dear friends,
I am starting a new thread and re-posting my earlier contribution in another person's post to spread the word about this great item, HD180 headphones... So, please bear with me.
I recently bought the Sennheiser HD180 headphones from amazon.in, a week before the big annual sale. They were delivered on a Sunday to my pleasant surprise. I paid only Rs. 741/=. Now, I know that there are some really great headphones out there in the market, even those made by Sennheiser for even upto a few Lakhs of rupees for a single pair of headphones, but their prices are usually commensurate with their quality. One has to spend thousands for a decent piece, I agree.
But what about audiophiles who cant afford to pay in thousands of rupees?
Maybe such people can consider the HD 180 headphones from Sennheiser. MRP: Rs.990/=.
Remember the pleasantly low pricing...Rs. 750 odd only at amazon.in. They are really great for their price. No faults to write about except that the volume seems a little low when used with my laptop. So, before taking the big plunge into the audiophile headphone world, Wannabee music lovers may first try the Sennheiser HD 180 without burning a big hole in their pockets..
Just my humble suggestion...
Try and see, even if you don't find them good enough, the purchase won't hurt much.. and step into the world of audiophile headphones.:)
No. I don't work for any headphone company. It's just that these hps really took me unawares and by total surprise.:clapping:


New Member
Jan 29, 2010
The best lowest priced Sennheisers are the HD 202 II imo, they are better than the 180 in every aspect. It used to retail for Rs.1200 but its price has steadily gone up over the years probably because of demand.
I've tried the 180 once and found the bass to be non existent but then I wasn't expecting much from a sub 1k headphone.
It's good for basic use nonetheless and definitely better than opting for generic local ones like Intex, Zebronics etc
As for iem's the CX 180 II are the best if you're on a tight budget, I got mine for Rs.670 from Amazon and they come with a 2 yr warranty.