Siti Cable Digital Receiver Queries

Chacko Koshy

New Member
Mar 15, 2008
Hi Chaps,

Nice to be a part of this interesting discussion board .

Guys,perhaps anyone of you having a siti cable digital receiver have noticed that only a a handful of channels show good resolution on a lcd i have a sony 32 lcd s series,Ndtv profit for example is clearer than most channels i did check some of the configuration for these channels which had 256 qam common for 90% of the channels incl ndtv profit.

Any suggestions to improve clarity for the remaining channels.

Can you please let me know starting frequency, ending frequency and symbol rate for Siti digital cable set top box? I have moved to the new location ing Bangalore and I feel I can use my set top box to configure the siti frequency.

I used starting frequency: 306000 and end frequency:430000 and symbol rate 6956, Bit rate (modulation): auto.

I am getting most of the channels but not everything. Some channels are not getting proper signals.

Can you please let me know configuration details? I am sure you can see the details from your set top box.

Thanks in advance
Gopichand Pai
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