Smaller Integrated Amp


New Member
Jan 3, 2021
I have been trying to settle on a smaller integrated amp for my area. I listen a lot nearfield but it is a large open room that at times I want to go quite loud, 12 x 30 area.
I currently have MartinLogan Motion 35 XTI speakers and a ML Dynamo 800x sub. I do change up speakers every few years but this is my first set of passives. I am unable to go demo any amps currently however that I have had interest in.
My 2 main choices are a NAD D3045 or a Quad Vena II amp. The NAD interests me basically for price and is quite small. The QUAD Vena II amp is about $600 more for me to get and is a bit bigger but fits the area I would use. I am wondering if anyone has opinions on either from use, and also on the headphone amp of either, especially the QUAD vena as I haven't found any specs on its headphone amp (I have Sennheiser HD 660s although I don't use them a whole lot).
I had thought also of a Peachtree Nova 150 but felt it was too big and was told it was overkill by one place for my needs, although it's spec'd wattage is more then enough for what my speakers are rated.
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