Sony DAV-DZ150K in Chennai


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Jan 9, 2008

I would like to buy a Sony DAV-DZ150K.I have a Sony 32' LCD TV and a Sony RDR-HX720 Recorder with me.I would like to have a home theater connected to this player.
After a long research i have found out 2 products.
1.Philips HTR-5205 - Rs.11,000

2.Sony DAV DZ150K. - Rs.15,000

I would like to know where i could get this Sony product in chennai.

Please let me know the dealer.
Thanks in advance

hi chk ur private message.

ramank80: If you don't mind, kindly share the information with us here in this forum so that others may benefit from your advice as well. Often new members search for previous answers to their queries and would find it useful.
hey particle ma. iam sorry that i havent msgd in public bcoz i didnt know whether i can out this in public. this is the first time iam using forum. anyway i have attached my PM which i have send it to abdul_sma.

"hi iam raman from chennai. but now got settled in pune. i have sony dav dz 120k home theatre. which i have bought last year march for 15990. i hav planned to sell it for 10k. if u r interested please let me know.

itz the same which u r asking for. sony dav dz 120k. has been changed to 150k. i have hardly used it bcoz of my work timings. even in this one year i have used only two channels.the remaining r jus packed as it is. i dotn come home most of the time. still it is in the same condition with box packing. if u want u can come online in yahoo and chk the player and speaker in web cam itself."
ramank80:Oops...I guess it is I who should apologize. I requested you to post here thinking you had information on where the DAV-DZ150K might be available. That is why I thought others would benefit from knowing it. I did not realise your message was of a personal nature. Please feel free to delete or edit your above message. (You can click the "Edit" button below your message to do this.)
Hello Abdul

Just try Marantz SR301 along with Boston MS 4000 speaker package OR Yamaha RXV 361 with Yamaha NSP 110 ( these combinations are not the best , but its good value for money ) even though they are bit costlier then the Sony , its worth paying that extra amount.

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