Sony DAV-X1

Thank you. I am primarily looking for a good 2.1 HT system. Seen many reviews online, but I would like prices in India and first hand comments from users here.

I am also interested in the following options from the links provided.

1. Bose 3-2-1 (expensive at about Rs 85k in Bose showrooms in B'lore)
2. Denon S-301 (looks expensive as well, not sure if available in B'lore)
3. Philips HTS6500 (doesnt look very good from reviews, need comments from users)
For a good 2.1 system consider the following:

Denon AVR-1507 receiver (around 24K)

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Speakers (around 12K)

Wharfedale Diamond SW 150 sub-woofer (around 18K)

Just can't be beat!!!
Thank you Neal. But I dont see any Wharfdale dealers in Bangalore.

Meanwhile I confirmed with Denon dealers about the price of S-301. It Rs 1,23,000/- ! However it is seen rated as the best in 2.1 systems on various review sites online.The lower end S-101 seems to have lots of complaints.

AVR 1507 is for Rs 24,900/-

Sony india has listed DAV-X1 on their site. But it seems they dont stock it anymore. It is listed for Rs 39,900/-. I think the latest version in this series is DAV X1V. Which is not available in India as well. Please let me know the user feedback for these models.
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Thanks for the info. However I find that AVR 1507 doesnt have a media player in it. It is just an AV receiver. Please suggest a good mediaplayer with a/v receiver to go with wharfdale speakers.

Again this looks like a plain DVD player. I am looking for an HtiB kind of setup with a combined media player cum AV receiver and 2.1 speaker system.
Its always best to go for separates than a combo unit.

AFIK only Sony/Philips/Yamaha offer HTIB in India. My suggestion would be for you to audition them at your local dealer and buy the one that you think sounds the best.
Hey guyz,

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I have sort of decided to go for the following HT combo setup at my new apt. Please let me know your comments.

1. Denon 1507/Yamaha RX-V459 => 25K/20K
2. Wharfedale 9.1X2 + 9CS + SW150 (optionally 9SRX2 for surround) => 40K
3. Philips DVP 5965K DVD Player => Rs6K

Think I can reign in the total price at around 60K if I go for Wharfedale Diamond 9 HCP speaker package. Also need to finalize on the AV receiver, which looks a bit confusing. Please help me out in this.

I will be using the system primarily for music:movie ratio of about 75:25 in a 12'X22' room. I also need to buy cables for interconnetion.

I will use this for now with my old 29' Sony TV. Not decided on LCD/Plasma TV yet. Will need about 6 month time.
Thank you cyrus, do you have a suggestion for an alternate DVD player which can play fairly "anything" ? The Philips one looked good eventhough a bit expensive. It has HDMI, USB port and DivX support.
I'd also go with Denon over Yamaha. Check out which model comes with an auto set up feature. Also worth checking out the receiver's bass management capability (one cross-over point for all channels or a cross over point can be set for each channel).

On the DVD player Toshiba has a model priced slightly lower...with basically the same features as the Philips you quoted. I just can't remember the exact model number.
Thank you paj...

Is it better to start with a 3.1 or 2.1 setup initially. Does it make much difference when listening to music? I think center channel is more relevant when watching movies. I plan to add the surround speakers later along with an LCD TV. I also don't have an option to wall mount rear speakers at my apt. Will require floor standing speakers, at least for surround ones. I hope the front speakers (9.1) can be placed on a strong wooden stand by the side of the TV.
If you're more into music a 2.1 set up is ideal. The center channel is mainly used/maximized in a HT set up...over 80% of the movie's dialouge goes through the center channel.

When I listen to music, more often than not its just 2 channel (front speakers) listening - direct listening mode of the AVR's.

No need to get floorstanders for the surrounds. IMHO its going to be a waste of money. Any decent bookshelf speaker will do. No need to spend on floorstanders. If you don't mind me asking - why can't you hang speakers in your apt?

Yes the 9.1's can be placed right beside the TV. The 9.1's are magnetically shielded so it will not distort the image on the TV. Strong and sturdy stands are recommended...the heavier the stands the better.
Ok. In my apt, there is no full wall in back side / facing the TV. I will need to fix surround speakers on the side wall for which again I don't get a good angle towards the seating position. Again here there is no provision done for internal wiring of speakers, meaning I will have speaker wires exposed on the walls. So wall mounting will be tough. Was thinking of other options.
If there's no wall at the back of the primary listening position what is behind it?

As you said an option would be to hang the surround speakers on the side walls. I'm sure you'll find a way to "cleverly" hide the wires running up the side walls to connect to the speakers.
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