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Jul 16, 2009
please advise me on Mini Hi-Fi Audio with price less than 20k.
I liked sony AZ55D. is it a good one? any others?
If you liked it, you ought to buy it, if that's your budget you can stretch to - if you're OK about SQ from any system.
Well if you liked the Sony you should buy the AZ55D. I won't; cause I find the current crop of Sony Hi Fi horrible in sound quality. Its amazing how people buy into them just cause of the name.

My take is the Philips FWD876/98. I don't know the cost but it should be a wee bit more than the Sony & way way better in sound quality for a Mini Hi Fi.

Samsung is another very good option though they do not make a 5.1 mini Hi Fi
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I listened to this AZ55D in a noisy shop, so i am really not sure about the sound quality.
I also don't understand the difference between Home theatre and these 5.1 hi-fi's
apart from their look.
which are the systems with SQ?

For example, if your budget is 40k, then amps and cdp from brands like Cambridge Audio, Marantz, NAD (all budget); speakers from Wharefdale, Mordant Short (budget), will give you better SQ than Sony, Samsung, etc., IMO.

Are you the person to stretch your budget for the sake of SQ ?
For sound quality you better look at Philips, Samsung or LG. I never recommended the Koreans at one time but they have now gone way ahead of Sony.

A Hi Fi will give you the option of Cassette Deck & CD Changer. There is no other difference. 5.1 Home Theatre or 5.1 Mini Hi Fi will sound more less the same for movies.

A 5.1 Mini Hi Fi will sound better as the main speakers are proper two way speakers instead of satellites found on a 5.1 Home Theatre in a Box or HTIB but the options for a 5.1 Mini Hi Fi is limited to Sony & Philips.

As mentioned by another member, doubling your budget will take you to another level in sound quality. A much higher level but then keep in mind that you are going to be spending a lot more.
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