Sony KV-HG21M80 ?

well about two months ago i was looking for a 21inch tv for my dads room,so i checked out all the sony models,the picture quality is the same there is know difference however there is sound quality difference so i settled for the KV-AZ213M83 this one doesnt have woofers but it has a good enclosure and 10w+10w rms.if u dont worry about sound u can go for a KV-AW212M80/H but this tv although has two speakers is only mono sound.if u want stereo u can go for the model u mentioned it has stereo sound.

but i still find my 10year old sony tv better then newer wega tv.all the processing in the tv makes picture look bad compared to my old sony tv.
HG is a 50 Hz TV with sparkling sound(tweeters extra). I own a Wega KV-AZ213M83. Well, its superior to other CRT TVs but not that great. Also, it has too much brightness and contrast (Sparkling WEGA) for a TV that sometimes its images looks unnatural and artificial. But there are times when it shows its superiority : last night i watched STAR WARS DVD. The pic clarity is mind blowing. Intelligent Picture works v well. Also the TV has great treble giving very clear sound. Yet it's no match to old SONY TVs.
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