Sony ps lx3 turntable

I dont know anything about this TT. However I found pic of a sony ps-lx3. If this is the right pic, someone may be able to help you

This sony tt has a small rectangular socket at rare. What is it for ? Can anybody help on this.

Hi Mr Smant
Are tou referring that USB like socket with 5-6 pins inside?
This TT must be made for a number of Midi and Componant systems. This is special connector which connect it to Central Controller wghich is generally an amplifier.

Now you will ask there are RCA plugs so why this special connector? Sometimes this connector carries Audio data and other commands which are like remote commands or some syncing codes forRecording on casette or time info etvc.

Sony used to make a no of matching components which can be bought seprately and a system can arranged. So you used too get a no of CD players,amps,tuner ,receivers etc for this

(I have a 2 part amp of sony and pioneer with similar connector and without

BTW this is knowledge from second hand sellers,repaireman and catalougues.
Also how is sony TT? Mine stopped working so do you know some good repairman in Mumbai,Navi Mum Thane area?
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