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Jan 14, 2007
Dear Friends,
I like designing speaker systems. This is ny hobby since 1978. I am a mechanical engineer, ICWA, and LLB. by profession Finance controller. But I can't restrict myself in designing loudspeakers.
Unforunately I am not getting good speakers I used to ger from Quam/Orator some time back. In India people are selling speakers wihout technical details, which makes it difficult to tune them.Passive network is alo some times a poblem as I do not get correct capacitors.
Can any one recomend good speaker manufacturer ? or component manufacturers in India?
Any hobbyist is also welcome to share knowledge. You can mail me at [email protected].
Hi Swajan, you do get good quality drivers in India. You can contact
Corrson in Bangalore. http://www.corrson.com[/URL]

Anil kumar
Thanks Anil,
Thank you very much. However, I just found it out a day after my posting. Also mailed to Peerless Fabrikkerene (India) Ltd..They are not replying. It seems corson component are hafty priced. Especially if you see the other component prices, it's almost 4 times. Can you or any one have any idea if Peerless Fabrikkerene (India) Ltd. has any outlet in Kolktata? It would be real help for me.
Thanks once again.

One more thing I forgotton to add, I am looking for -
1. Passive radiator units with weights
2. 12" AND 15" Woofers which Corson is not supplying.

Hello Swajan, you can procure these drivers from http://www.partsexpress.com. Shipping may be expensive.
Decide on the driver first. Most of the components for xover can
be procured locally or buy through Corrson. They sell audiophile
grade good components. :)

Anil kumar
Speaker Design- Bandpaas & Books

Dear Anil and other friends,

I got some books which were purchased by me some time back they are -
1> Introduction to Loudspeaker Design - By John L Murphy
2> HI FI Loudspeaker and Enclosures - By Abraham B Cohen
3> HI FI Sterio Handbook by William F Boyce

This month I got book (1) from Amazon at $36.93.
Any one willing to exchange books (xerox) welcome. I need Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickson and other books.

By the way I have 2 nos. Quam 10" woofers and in making of Tri Chamber 6th order bandpass sub woofer. Any one has any copy of "An introduction to Band pass loudspeaker systems" by Erl R. Geddes. Journal of Audio Engineering Society - Volume 37, No.5, p308, May 1989 ?

kindly reply.

By the way PeerLess Fabrikkene ageed to quote. They are far cheaper than Corson India they are just ...what I should say...judge yourself.

any one can mail me at [email protected] I am from Kolkata

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