Speakers for Onkyo 805


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Jun 23, 2008

I am making a new setup and have finalised follwing things :

AV Reciever : Onkyo 805

Speakers : B&W 684 or Dali Ikon 6

My question :

1) The MRP of Onkyo 805 on Sumaria is around 1 lac. I have contacted a seller in US who is giving it for 54k . Anyone has idea how much custom duty etc i will have to pay? Also where can i get 805 in grey market in Mumbai or Pune. I am sure it must be cheap in grey. Is it worth waiting for 806, that has been launched in US.

2) Is my choice of speakers good ,,which one is better...

thanks to all in advance.
Your choices are good. Please audition both speakers before your decide. Which is better is very personal and subjective. You wiull have a set of people supporting the B&W and another supporting the Dali's

The difference between 806 and 805 is very minor. The 805 is THX Ultra2 Certified (with THX Processing) while the 806 is THX® Ultra2 Plus Certified with THX® Loudness Plus. In terms of upscaling, the 805 uses a DCDi interlacing engine, while the 806 uses a newer version called DCDi Cinema.

Customs duty is generally 35%. As has been discussed elsewhere, it all depends upon you interaction with the Customs guys particularly if you are carrying the AVR personally.

Hello Venkat

thanks for your prompt reply.

Between Onkyo 805 and Denon AVR-2808 , which one is better.

Denon is i think not THX certified.


The Onkyo has better specifications in terms of power and THX Certification. The Denon is not THX certified.

Which is better? This depends upon a number of things.

1. if you like to listen to both good music and good movie sound in that order, people feel the Denon will be better.
2. If you want excellent surround sound processing and good music also, it is felt the Onkyo is better. Some people find the sound of Onkyo for music to be a little harsh. I think it is extremely transparent. I have been constantly listening to both Denon and Onkyo, and the difference is very minimal. But these are personal opinions.

You should listen to both (any model of the brands) with the same CDs and DVDs, and then make up your mind.

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