Speakers to Go with USHER


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Apr 4, 2008
You should tone and timbre match your front left and right to your center. Its important to have all these three speakers sound similar in the above aspects. If you want to mix, then you can do this on the surrounds.
with your budget, you should eliminate the Dali Ikon 8s straight away. Plus if you care about a matching finish in your room for your HT, I dont believe the Ikons come in Piano black - the rest of what you are getting is all piano black.

Have not heard the usher mini dancer and the dali so cant comment on them.

Between the kef and focal i would recommend the latter but, since you already have usher for the rest of the channels its better you go withe the same.

from the speaker list i assume that you might use the fronts for listening 2 channel audio,if that is the case i am not sure how much the denon receiver will workout.
I am afraid you are in a bit of a lock-on position. With the Ushers as the center channel, I dont think you can look at getting a different set of speakers at all. For the sake of timbre matching as people have mentioned.

If that is the X series center, then X series bookshelves maybe the order of the day. Although Sridhar would be the best person to mention whether the X series center also goes with the Mini Dancers.
I don't have any problems driving my Usher S 525 center and S520 surrounds with the Denon 3808 what so ever. Although, I have not tried connecting my Be 718 (Mini Dancer should be an easier load) to the Denon 3808 - could try that and let you know how it sounds for movies. As for stereo - using a receiver in such a setup would be a huge compromise.
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