Stereo Amplifier with Speaker


as you would know, there are different kind of Stereo Amplifiers and speakers with different specs and audio output (good soundstage, imaging etc)

They are in various price range from various brand/same brand.

First, decide your budget, so that you can allocate how much you can spend on Amp and Speakers and the place you dedicate to listen also plays a role

As of Amps - Marantz, Audiolab, Cambridge, Denon, Nad, Yamaha etc

Speakers, - BookShelf / Floorstanding - Elac, Klipsh, Wharfedale, SVS, Polk, Kef, B@W etc

So, decide your budget and based on that select the components.

Wish you good luck for your sweet music listening !!!!
Dear All, I am planning for a Stereo amplifier with a speaker.

currently using ONKYO HTR340.

Need suggestion
Hello sir, if you are having a budget of upto 20,000rs for amp so go for a vintage amplifier they have a good amount of output power also the sound from those amplifiers are warm and natural.

For speakers you will need to let us know ur budget.

The basic questions before buying stereo are
1. What kind of music you listen to ?
2. What is your average listening volume
3. Room size
4.Existing system and components
5.Your music signature prefernce ( Like neutral, detailed, warm, bass heavy, flat etc)
6. Source of music ( Streaming \ CD \ Digital files ) etc
7.Finally the budget
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